Waterway Clearwater Pool Sand Filter System With Pump

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Waterway Clearwater Pool Sand Filter System With Pump

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Waterway Clearwater Pool Sand Filter System


Part No. Description Sq. Ft. GPM Lbs. Sand Required
520-1610 16" / 1 hp  1.4 30 50
520-1910 19" / 1 hp 2.0 42 100
520-1700 22" / 1.5 hp 2.5 50 150


Comes with a 3ft. cord with regular 3-prong plug or twist lock plug...Call 973-450-1070 for specifications


Clear Water above ground sand filters will reduce maintenance and create a crystal clear shimmer in your swimming pool. With Clear Water filters you will enjoy greater time between filter cleanings. These sand filters are made of a corrosion-resistant, roto-molded, spherical tank that is heavy duty to stand-up to winter temperatures and black for maximum protection from damaging UV rays of sunlight exposure to ensure a long trouble free service life. The tank and lateral`s sophisticated design distributes water uniformly and evenly to maximize efficiently throughout the filtration media for superior cleaning.  

Clear Water above ground sand filter operation means No mess, no fuss - A simple turn of the multi-port control valve lever accomplishes routine back-washing fast and easy. The Great appearance of Clear Water's black filter makes a statement of quality that compliments your backyard pool-scape beautifully.