Descendants - Mal Isle Of The Lost Deluxe Girl's Costume

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Descendants - Mal Isle Of The Lost Deluxe Girl's Costume

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Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, and she's a natural leader just like her mother.

It includes a jumpsuit that looks like a shirt and pants in acid purple, the top featuring green embellishments and the pants banded with black "rips". The jacket is a matching purple, printed with a scaly copper pattern on the body, and sleeves banded in poison green, deep purple, and bright pink. The back is printed with a pink dragonscale pattern along with a swirly green heart. 

Includes: Jacket, Top, Pants and One Glovette, *Shoes and Wig Not Included*

Sizes: M (Fits sizes 7-8), L (Fits sizes 10-12)



Disney’s iconic characters are living out their happy endings in Auradon. All defeated villains have been exiled to a remote island known as the Isle of the Lost, where they must spend their remaining days isolated. The villainous parents see this as an opportunity to use their children to carry out an evil plan that will finally free them all from the Isle of the Lost. Will these evil teens follow in the footsteps of their wicked parents when they go abroad?