My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash Classic Girl's Costume

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My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash Classic Girl's Costume

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Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony responsible for maintaining clear skies and good weather in Ponyville, earning her a cloud with a bolt of lightning as her cutie mark.

This gown is as blue as the sky, with light chiffon short sleeves in bright red and yellow. The bodice features a picture of Rainbow Dash with her wings outstretched, with a satin rainbow mane and a sparkling scarlet bow. The dress is bell-shaped, featuring a darker blue overlay, and accented with a bright red stripe near the hem. The two pony ears are attached to a comfortable headband.

Includes: Dress and Headband with Ears. *Shoes Not Included*

Sizes: S (Fits sizes 4-6), M (Fits sizes 7-8)

My Little Pony

These favorite little ponies have been around for almost 30 years! Each pony has their own unique 'cutiemark' that can be found on their hindquarters. My Little Pony inspires hours of creative and imaginative play for young girls worldwide. Now they can dress up like their favorite My Little Pony!