Pool Blaster Max Hand Held Pool Vacuum

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Pool Blaster Max Hand Held Pool Vacuum

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Pool Blaster MAX Hand Held Pool Vac by WATER TECH

Pool Blaster World's One & Only Battery-Powered, Hand-Held or attach to your pool pole.

The Pool Blaster is Revolution For all inground and large (18'+) above ground pools. Lightweight, unmatched maneuverability. Virtually, Maintenance-Free Operation, NO Energy Costs.

Rechargeable (in only 1-2 hour) Battery FREE Quick (1 hour) Recharger High-Flow (40-50 gallons per minute) Filter Pump.

All-Purpose, Reusable Filter Bag with Debris Catcher.

Spot-Cleaning Nozzle.

Hanging Storage Notch

Clip on Wheels for Concrete, Brushes for Vinyl.

Ding-Proof, Dent-Proof, Fade Resistant Body.

No Hoses, No Electrical Cords, No Installation, No Energy Use or Costs.

Attaches To Any Standard Telescopic Pool Pole To Clean Hard-To Reach Areas such as Walls & Floors and Under Water Ladders, Drains & Steps.