Custom Game Rules/Directions & Odds


Game Rules

Ball Bounce    

  •  Player drops two balls into box. Match the same color wins

 Ball Roll         

  •  Player rolls all six balls and the total of numbers must add up to under 11 or over 30 to win.  Raise or lower numbers to     increase or decrease winners.

 Bank Shot         

  • Player bounces ball off elastic ropes at end of board.  Ball in red wins medium prize-Ball in green wins slum type prize.

 Bean Toss         

  • Player tosses 3 bean bags—Add up to 750 to win/or increase/decrease score to adjust winners

 Big Mouth         

  • Player throws 2 wiffle balls —attempts to throw in mouth—1 in wins small—2 in wins large prize

 Bucket Drop     

  • Players throws wiffle ball into bucket-must stay in bucket to win—board with bucket is adjustable to increase/decrease angle.

 Cover the Spot  

  • Player drops five discs-must cover red circle completely to win

 Crazy Hat        

  •  Player tosses wiffle ball into top of cylinder to win—one in wins

 Crazy Quarters           

  •  Player drops coin into top of board—coin must enter hole in clown’s mouth at bottom of board to win.

 Cue Ball            

  • Player attempts to get 1 ball into hole at top of board to win using cue stick

 Fat Cat             

  •  Player throws 3 flukey balls at cats—must knock over 3 to win.  Trade up game.  1 win small-next win small and third win trade 2 small in for large prize

 First & Ten

  • Player throws 2 foam footballs through hole in board—one in wins

 Frog Hop         

  •  Player uses mallet to launch frog—frog must land on pedestal to win

 Hole in One      

  • Player using putter tries to get ball in hole. One in wins

 Hoopla Block   

  • Player throws 3 hoops at block-hoop must go around block completely and lay flat on surface to win—1 on wins

 Hoop Shot        

  • Player throws 2 basketballs through hoop-1 in wins small—2 in wins large prize


  • Player swings ball attached to pendulum at 6 numbered blocks-to win must add up to under 11 or over 30—increase or decrease numbers to allow for more winners

 Krazy Kans       

  • Player throws 2 bean bags at 5 cans placed on platform-must knock all cans completely off the platform to win

 Over & Under   

  • Player places dice in chute—other players bet on over 7/under 7 or 7

 Pepsi Toss        

  •  Player must toss hoop- one on bottle wins

 Pitch Out          

  •  Player throws 2 wiffle balls at hole in board—1 in wins

 Pop A Can      

  • Player must knock all 3 cups completely off platform with ball fired by pistol to win

 Rainbow Pitch  

  • Player pitches coin onto board-coin must land completely in center colored semi circle to win.

 Rainbow Roll    

  • Player rolls 4 balls—1 ball in each color slot wins small prize-4 balls in blue slot wins large prize

 Ring Bottle        

  • Player throws rings at bottle—1 on wins

 Ring Toss         

  •  Players tosses rings—must get 1 ring on to win can play by matching same color with 2 rings for large prize


  •  Player slides 3 pucks down alley at pins-knock over 4 pins wins small-5 pins medium-6 pins large

 Skee Roll          

  • Player rolls balls up alley. 1 in wins small-two in wins medium-3 in wins large

 Slap Shot          

  • Player throws pucks down alley. One in wins small prize-two in wins larger prize

 Spill the Milk    

  • Player throws flukey balls at bottles—Must knock bottles completely off platform to win

 Spot Pitch        

  •  Player pitches coin—must land completely in the red circle to win large prize—can play just touch for small prize and completely in for large

 Star Dart

  • Player throws 2 darts at board-must stick completely in yellow to win

 Stop & Throw   

  • Player tosses 3 wiffle balls or bean bags. Must get one in each color to win

 Tic Tac Toe      

  • Player throws 3 balls into box—three in row wins

 Tin Pan Alley   

  •  Player rolls 2 wiffle balls- 2 balls match white or blue wins small prize-both balls in red wins large prize

 Tip the Bottle    

  • Player throws ball down alley. Must knock over both bottles to win.

 Win Lose Draw 

  • Player rolls 3 wiffle balls down into end board into tic tac toe box-3 in any green row wins small prize-3 in red row wins large prize

Game Odds


BALL ROLL                                     20-1 

BEAN TOSS                                    30-1

BIG MOUTH                                    40-1

BUCKET DROP                              30-1

COVER THE SPOT                        50-1

CRAZY HAT                                    20-1

CRAZY QUARTERS                       20-1

CUE BALL                                      20-1

FAT CAT                                        20-1

1ST & 10                                         40-1

FROG HOP                                    20-1

HOOPLA BLOCK                            40-1

HOOP SHOT                                  20-1

KNOCK A BLOCK                           20-1

KRAZY KAN                                   12-1

OVER & UNDER                          

PEPSI TOSS                                  30-1

PITCH BOARDS                                     

PITCH OUT                                    40-1

POP A CAN                                    40-1

RAINBOW ROLL                            20-1

RING THE BOTTLE                       40-1

RING TOSS                                   40-1

SHUFFLEBOARD                          6-1

SKEE BALL                                   30-1

STAR DART                                  20-1

TIC TAC TOE                                40-1

TIN PAN ALLEY                             40-1

TIP A TROLL                                20-1