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Intex Frequently Asked Questions

Intex Pools
Question : How much air should I inflate in the top ring?
Answer : Until the top ring is firm to the touch. An overinflated ring heated by the sun may burst.
Question : What sizes are available?
Answer : We distribute 12', 15', 18' and 24' diameter sizes.
Question : Can I set the pool up on a concrete patio?
Answer : Yes, but a ground cloth is hightly recommended, and do not drag the liner across the concrete as abrasions may cause holes.
Question : How do I drain the pool?
Answer : Remove the drain cap and plug. A hose adapter is also included in the pool packages which connects to a standard garden hose.
Question : What could cause the Easy Set pool to be lopsided?
Answer : The base or bottom of the pool is not laid out flat with no wrinkles. The inflated ring is not on the inside of the base of the pool when filling with water,or the ground is not level.
Question : How high can I fill the pool?
Answer : To the bottom of the inflated ring
Question : Approximately, how many gallons / litres of water does the pool hold?
Answer : 12' x 30" = 1,353 gal / 5,121 L
15' x 30" = 2,124 gal / 8,041 L
15' x 36" = 2,561 gal / 9,694 L
15' x 42" = 3,110 gal / 11,773 L
18' x 36" = 3,735 gal / 14,138 L
18' x 42" = 4,814 gal / 18,223 L
24' x 42" = 8,807 gal / 33,338 L
Question : What is the approximate depth of the water?
Answer : 12' x 30" = 24"/25"
15' x 30" = 24"/25"
15' x 36" = 27"/28"
15' x 42" = 33"/34"
18' x 36" = 27"/28"
18' x 42" = 33"/34"
24' x 42" = 33"/34"
Question : Does the ladder / cover come with the pool?
Answer : Some packages include the ladder and cover. Be sure to read the retail box prior to purchasing.
Question : Is there a repair patch enclosed for liner repair?
Answer : Yes. Small tears or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair patch. Surface should be dry before affixing the patch.
Question : How many season should the pool last?
Answer : Depends on usage, maintenance and care.
Question : Can the filter cartridge be rinsed and re-used?
Answer : Yes, it can be, but in the interests of hygiene we recommend replacing it with a new one.
Question : How often do I have to change the filter cartridge?
Answer : Varies on water conditions and how frequently the pool is used, but approximately every 2 weeks then the water will stay cleaner.
Question : Are replacement cartridges available? Where can we get them?
Answer : Visit your local Intex retailer or contact your nearest service center.
Question : How much does a replacement cartridge cost?
Answer : Varies in retail stores, but suggested retail is US$7.99 for small cartridge and US$10.99 for large.
Question : Can you use another brand of cartridge?
Answer : No, warranty is voided if a cartridge other than the part listed is used; plus another brand may not fit properly, thus not clean the water.
Question : Must a filter pump be used with my Intex above ground pool?
Answer : No, however we highly recommend the filter pump be used to keep small particles out of the water.
Question : Does the pump keep the pool walls and bottom clean?
Answer : No. With proper chemicals and filter cartridge maintenance, the pump will keep the pool clean from suspended water particles.
Question : Can the pump be used to empty the pool?
Answer : No.
Question : What is the best way to store the filter pump for the winter?
Answer : Remove and dry all pump pieces including hoses, cover the "O-Ring" with petroleum jelly (see manual for detailed instructions).
Question : What is your suggestion on pump maintenance?
Answer : Occasionally, petroleum jelly may be applied to the ¡§O-Ring" located in the top filter cover to minimize seal cracking. No other maintenance is necessary.
Question : Does the pump run on AC or DC power?
Answer : 120V or 230V (depending on model), single phase AC.
Question : Does the pump meet recognized electrical standards?
Answer : Yes, depending on the model, Intex filter pumps meet UL, CSA, GS, CE and IRAM Standards.
Question : Do you need to purchase a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet?
Answer : Yes. Should be installed by a licensed electrician.
Question : What is the gph capacity of the pump?
Answer : Model 108R - 120V (1-1/4" hose) 1,000 gallons per hour
Model 520 - 120 V (1-1/2" hose) 2,000 gallons per hour
Model 208R - 230V (1-1/4" hose) 1,000 gallons per hour
Model 530 - 230V (1-1/2" hose) 2,000 gallons per hour
Question : How long does it take for the water to be completely pumped through the filter?
Answer : Between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the size of the pool.
Question : Do I need 15 or 20 amp outlet?
Answer : Either is okay. Intex fitler pumps draw 1.3 to 4.0 amps of current. Normal households have 15 amp outlets.
Question : What is the life of the filter pump?
Answer : Estimated filter pump life is 2000 hours, which is about 4 seasons of normal usage.
Question : Can I hook up a vacuum to the pump?
Answer : No.
Question : How do I know if I have a truly defective pump and not just an oversight on my part?
Answer : Review the Trouble Shooting Guide in the owner's manual.
Question : Should consumers repair the pump themselves?
Answer : No, because of the electrical connections' location to the water chamber, and improper repair may result in injury or death.
Question : Are any tools required to assemble the pump?
Answer : No. A penny or dime can be used to tighten the hose clamps. A flathead screwdriver can also be used.
Question : Will the pump get damaged if splashed with water?
Answer : No.
Question : Is there a written warranty for this product?
Answer : Yes, the filter pump comes with a limited written one year warranty included in the owner's manual.
Question : What does the warranty cover?
Answer : All manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.
Question : How long is the filter pump electrical cord?
Answer : 25 feet long
Question : What is the weight of the pump?
Answer : Approximately 12 lbs for Model 108R, 26 lbs for Model 520, 13 lbs for Model 208R, 29 lbs for Model 530.
Question : If the pump is defective will I be reimbursed for postage?
Answer : No.
Question : The water flow is not as strong as it used to be, why?
Answer : See Trouble Shooting Guide in the Owner's Manual. Also check the filter cartridge. If it is dirty the water flow will be much less - put in a new cartridge.
Also, check the hoses for any pinholes.
Question : What is the horsepower of the filter pump?
Answer : Model 108R - 120 V = 1/6 horsepower
Model 520 - 120 V = 1/2 horsepower
Model 208R - 230 V = 1/6 horsepower
Model 530 - 230 V = 1/2 horsepower
Question : What sizes are available?
Answer : We distribute 10', 12' and 15' diameter sizes.
Question : What is the recommended procedure to keeping my pool clean while waiting for a replacement filter pump?
Answer : Keep all debris out of the pool and maintain the proper PH lever.
Question : Are extra lock pins included in case I lose som?
Answer : Yes, 2 extra pins are included.
Question : Are there replacement PVC frame parts?
Answer : Yes. All parts for the frame pools are replaceable. A shipping / handling charge may apply.
Question : Can I set the pool up on a concrete patio?
Answer : Yes, but a ground cloth is hightly recommended, and do not drag the liner across the concrete as abrasions may cause holes.
Question : How do I drain the pool?
Answer : Remove the drain cap and plug. A hose adapter is also included in the pool package which connects to a standard garden hose.
Question : How high can I fill the pool?
Answer : Up to the fill line which is approximately 80% full.
Question : How high is the pool?
Answer : The 10' and 12' pools are 30" high and the 15' pool is 36" high.
Question : How deep is the pool when filled with water?
Answer : 10' = 24"
12' = 24"
15' = 29"
Question : How many gallons / litres of water does the pool hold?
Answer : 10' = 1,177 gal / 4,454 L
12' = 1,694 gal / 6,414 L
15' = 3,177 gal / 12,026 L
Question : Does the ladder / cover come with the pool?
Answer : It depends on which package was purchased.
Question : What is the liner made of?
Answer : Two PVC sheets with a polyester mesh laminated between them.
Question : How thick is the liner?
Answer : The side wall of the liner is 28 gauge while the floor is 16 gauge.
Question : How many seasons should the pool last?
Answer : Depends on usage, maintenance and care.
Question : Without measuring, how do I know what size frame pool I have?
Answer : Count the number of legs/
10' = 10 legs
12' = 12 legs
15' = 15 legs
Question : Can the pool and pump be purchased separately?
Answer : Yes.
Question : Is a fence or enclosure required by law?
Answer : Check with your local law enforcement agency.
Question : What makes Intex's pools better than other pools in the market?
Answer : Easier to assemble, easy to store, will not rust, no sand needed, no ground prep is required and minimum tools required for assembly.
Question : Site preparation - what is needed?
Answer : Remove sharp objects and create a flat level surface. A ground cloth may be helpful.
Question : What is the steepest slope of property that you are able to set the pool on?
Answer : Ground must be level.
Question : How do you prevent the pool from damaging grass or lawn or prevent fungi from developing on concrete?
Answer : Not possible to prevent lawn damage. Keep the grass and concrete as dry as possible. A ground cloth may be helpful.
Question : Can the pool be left up year-round?
Answer : Depends on where you live. Due to wind chill temperatures, it is not recommended to go any lower than 4 - 5 degrees Celsius.
Question : Can a portable water heater be used for this type of pool?
Answer : No. Short circuits may occur. This is a dangerous thing to do as injury or death may occur if a short circuit occurs.
Question : Will vegetation grow through the liner?
Answer : Possibly. Certain types of hardy grass such as St. Augustine and Bermuda can penetrate vinyl floors.
Question : How can you prevent grass from growing through the floor?
Answer : A ground cover may help prevent certain types of grass from growing through.
Question : Does the PVC liner require any special care to ensure durability?
Answer : No special maintenance is required. Keep sharp objects out of the pool and from underneath the pool.
Question : How much does the water cost to fill the pool?
Answer : It varies around the world. Contact your local water company for cost information.
Question : How often should the water be changed?
Answer : Varies, depending on usage and chemical balance but if properly filtered and chemically balanced, never.
Question : Do you recommend using chemicals? If so, what kind?
Answer : Yes. Contact your local supply store and provide the estimated number of gallons of water in your pool.
Question : To kill algae, can I use regular supermarket bleach?
Answer : Consult your local pool dealer because they are familiar with conditions affecting pool water for the local region.
Question : Would excessive pool chemicals affect / cause deterioration to liners?
Answer : Excessive chemicals may cause damage to any pool, and to the user.
Question : How does UV affect the materials used?
Answer : All PVC's degrade over prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight.
Question : How can you clean dirt from the pool floor?
Answer : Pool vacuums can be used to clean pool floors, which can be purchased from a pool supply retailer or from Intex.
Question : What should I use to clean my pool before storing it for the winter?
Answer : Mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and make sure it is dry before storing.
Question : Is there a storage bag to put the liner in for winter?
Answer : No, but if you have a ground cover, you can roll the pool up inside it.
Question : How long does it take to fill the pool with water?
Answer : 2-5 hours, depending on which pool, hose size and water pressure.
Question : If we get a small tear or small hole in the vinyl, can it be repaired?
Answer : Yes, with the repair patch enclosed. Surface must be dry before affixing the patch.
Question : If I don't have my sales receipt can I use the statement from my credit card?
Answer : No, unless the statement shows what product was purchased.
Question : Can pictures be sent in lieu of product for a manufacturing claim?
Answer : No, unless special written approval has been given by the Intex Consumer Service Department.
Question : What is the coldest air temperature before I have to take down my pool?
Answer : 4 - 5 degrees Celsius. If temperature is any lower pool may freeze and could crack.
Question : What is the method of payment for consumer sales?
Answer : Check with your local service centre.
Question : Is there another brand of ladder that can be used?
Answer : Yes, check with your local pool supply stores. However, the 30" (#58909), 36" (#58910), and 42" (#58907) were designed especially for the Intex pools.
Question : Does the ladder come with the pool?
Answer : It depends on what package is purchased.
Question : How much weight does a ladder support?
Answer : Approximately up to 300 lbs per rung.
Question : Will the ladder rust?
Answer : Sometimes the powder coating wears off, allowing for rust.
Question : Is rust considered a manufacture defect?
Answer : Yes, within the 90-day Service Program.
Question : Which ladder should be used with which pool?
Answer : 30" ladder for 12' Frame pool
36" ladder for 15' Frame pool, 30" and 36" Easy Set pools
42" ladder for 42" Easy Set pools.


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And can a 10amp extension cord (heavy duty) be used for plugging pump into ?? Email back asap

Mcleod - Apr 16, 2014

Can I use a 10 amp heavy duty extension cord to reach the 12ft Best way Pool filter 220-240V ,16W ?? In dry conditions outside.


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Patrick Dooley - Apr 16, 2014

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Denise Romero - Apr 16, 2014

Is it normal for the pool ring to deflate periodically through the day?

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Barbara Espinoza - Apr 16, 2014

If you have a 13 foot pool metal frame do you still need a pool ladder?

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