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Hunger Games Halloween Party Ideas

Have you and your friends been fascinated by the Hunger Games trilogy these past few years? Arguing about the best way to beat President Snow and whether Katniss should choose Peeta or Gale? Join the club and dig further into Hunger Games mysteries this Halloween. Here are some cool party theme ideas to get you started.


District One Party

It's all about the glitz, the glam, and the ridiculously overdone outfits. Put on your best dresses and suits, but don't forget the sequins and glitter! Not only will the costumes, makeup, and colorful hair be a blast to put together, but so will the setting and the food. When decorating your home for a District One party, think fancy but in a gaudy sort of way. This is your chance to show off some forgotten decorations in the attic. As for food? Start with Katniss's favorite lamb and plumb stew, and continue with creamy orange chicken, pumpkin soup, roasted rabbit, and cakes of every shape and size. You're not finished until the table is overflowing.


Hunger Games Arena Party

For this theme, your costumes should mimic those in the arena, either during the 74th or 75th Annual Hunger Games. In Katniss's first arena appearance, she and the other tributes wore tawny pants and light-green shirts with boots and a long, black hooded jacket. In the 75th edition, the tributes came out wearing blue jumpsuits and black, padded plastic belts with nylon shoes. Arena food was scarce and based on what the tributes could hunt or steal from the cornucopia. Foods from the books include Groosling Soup, bread, crackers, beef jerky, eggs, nuts, berries, greens, fish, and squirrel.

Tributes Parade

During their time in the Training Center, all the tributes from Districts 1 through 12 are paraded in pairs for the entertainment of the Capitol. Katniss and Peeta swoop in with black outfits that are literally smoldering to represent the main industry of their district: coal mining. You and your guests can dress as tributes from the different districts and enjoy the vast banquets of the Capitol. Feeling competitive? Show off your arena skills at the archery center.

Whatever specific theme you choose for your Hunger Games Halloween party, there are plenty of wonderful costumes, personas, and dishes to work with. Visit for one of the largest selections of Halloween costumes, where everything from vampire products to Hunger Game outfits are available at low prices.

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