Experience the Spirit of Halloween at State Fair Seasons Halloween
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Experience the Spirit of Halloween at State Fair Seasons Halloween

Experience the Spirit of Halloween at State Fair Seasons Halloween
By Nicole Mitchell

            Hello, ghosts, ghouls, goblins and any other creatures stalking the night. Need a one stop destination for Halloween this year? Well, State Fair Seasons Halloween, the world’s largest Halloween store has it all! Whether you’re young or old. naughty or nice, or a hero or a villain, our one-stop spook shop conveniently located in Belleville, NJ will provide all your ghostly needs. And if you’re afraid of sunlight, don’t forget that you can go to www.statefairseasons.com

Celebrating 30 years of purveying fright for trick-or-treaters everywhere, it’s no shock that we know how to celebrate Halloween. As you begin to creep around the store, you’ll soon see wall to wall costumes everywhere. Meticulously organized, each aisle has its own theme for adults, teens, children, babies and even pets!

This year, most popular selling costumes for adult women are the naughty nun and DC Comics’ Harley Quinn. Adult men are widely transforming themselves into Harley’s infamous lover, the Joker. However, if that isn’t your scene, why not scare your friends by dressing up as the master of stealth, a ninja! Teenage girls are gravitating to little red riding hood, Cat Woman, and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, teenage boys are also channeling their inner DC Comics or Marvel Comics character. In addition, younger children are truly into dressing up as the characters from the popular Disney movie, The Descendants.

So what if elaborate costumes aren’t your thing? Don’t fear, State Fair Seasons Halloween has plenty more to offer. We have a deathly impressive variety of accessories. Spooky hats, wigs, masks and wigs, will give you the power to mix and match or create your own costume. And to put the finishing touches on your Halloween persona, we have liquid latex, fake blood, and face paint to gore up any Halloween look you can conjure up. Don’t know how to use the make up? That won’t be a problem as the store also offers Halloween make-up demonstrations, so you can bring out the beast within.

Now what if you’re throwing a monster mash but don’t know how to turn your home into the perfect tomb? We got you covered. Our terrifying array of decorations ranging from blow-up Frankensteins, skeletons and skulls in every size imaginable to battery operated displays will get everybody into the Halloween spirit. And no front yard or window is complete without a fake headstone! So no matter what you need, creep, crawl, soar or scream your way to State Fair Seasons and experience Halloween like you’ve never seen.

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