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Let There Be Light!

 Remember the days when outside Christmas decorating meant hanging a string of lights around your door or railings?

 Christmas lighting has come a long way since then. State Fair Seasons’ Christmas store has a wide variety of choices. You can go with conventional incandescent lights in multiple colors, or try some decorative displays. Our 3D wire-framed displays range from snowmen, reindeer and Santa Claus to gift boxes and sparkly birds or bears. Or, try a mechanical display, with moving parts to delight the kids.

 Lighting displays are elegant, bright and festive – your family and neighbors will love them!

 Top Tips

 ·         When hanging strings of incandescent lights, you can avoid blowing a fuse by limiting yourself to 4 to 5 strands of 100 lights – no more than 500 mini lights per multi-string.

·         When decorating an outdoor (or indoor) tree, figure 100 lights per one foot of tree.

·         Every time you buy a string of lights, make sure you save the spare bulbs and fuses that come with them.

·         Don’t forget to buy your clips or gutter hooks, which greatly simplifies the process of hanging your lights!

 Go Green

 ·         Energy-saving LED Christmas lights use 80-90% less energy than incandescent lights.

·         They cost more, but are a better value overall, as they will save you money in electricity costs – and the strings can last for years.

·         LED lights now come in multiple colors – including red, green, blue, yellow, pink and white – are cool to the touch, and are less of a fire hazard than incandescent bulbs.

·         With LED, you can use more lights because they are such low wattage.

 Don’t Throw them Out!

 If your lights stop working, don’t assume they need to be put in the garbage. State Fair Seasons’ Christmas superstore has a repair center that is more cost-efficient than buying new lights.


Shellamae - Dec 05, 2012

I believe that Christmas deoioatcrns and lights should be put up AFTER Remebrance Day.We should be focusing on our Veteran’s that have served in the many wars in this world.The living Women and Men as well as those who sacrificed and lost their lives for our freedom.Their families also deserve our attention,respect and prayers as they remember their loved ones.There is plenty of time to begin the Chrismas season and all the activities and traditions that we share among our family and friends after November 11th. Sincerely,Marian

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