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Hunger Games Halloween Party Ideas

Have you and your friends been fascinated by the Hunger Games trilogy these past few years? Arguing about the best way to beat President Snow and whether Katniss should choose Peeta or Gale? Join the club and dig further into Hunger Games mysteries this Halloween. Here are some cool party theme ideas to get you started.   District One Party ...

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One-stop shop for all the latest and coolest Halloween stuff!

Tick, tick, tick...the clock won't stop. Like a beating heart, it keeps on through the night. Tick, tick, tick...will you be ready? Yes, it's that time of year again, the magical countdown to THE event of all events: Halloween, aka All-Hallow's Eve. It's the funnest, coolest, scariest, sexiest, most creative, most spine-tingling, most-anticipated night of the year. So, the only...

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Top Superhero Costumes for 2014

What's not to love about a superhero? Superhero costumes are always in style, because who doesn't love a brave soul out to protect the public good. Whether you're the life of the party or prefer to be brooding and mysterious, you'll find a costume that suits your style and personality. Which of these top superhero costumes is the one for...

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This Halloween is all about Frozen!

Get Your "Frozen" Halloween Costume Today You have probably already realized that "Frozen" costumes are going to be among the most popular options this Halloween. That means if you plan to join in with this trend and dress up as your favorite character from this Disney movie, you should start planning what to wear now. Luckily, we have a variety...

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Costume Trends for 2014

Costume Trends for 2014 Halloween is rapidly approaching, so now's the time to start planning for the perfect Halloween costume and party. It can be difficult to track down the latest hot costume or ideal theme party decor, but State Fair Seasons has you covered. State Fair Seasons is the largest Halloween store in the United States with over 100,000...

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Hottest suggest costumes and for 2014

2014's Most Popular Costumes from the Hottest Recent Movies   If you are considering new costumes for Halloween this year, knowing what the top costumes will be can give you lots of ideas. Since the most popular outfits and party themes tend to revolve around the latest movies, the following costumes will likely be flying off the shelves. "Frozen" As...

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